What We Do

At Monmouth, we have worked diligently to position ourselves to benefit from the structural changes that the ecommerce revolution requires. We have a very modern, high-quality industrial property portfolio with a weighted average building age of under 10 years. Our assets are situated near major airports, major transportation hubs, and manufacturing plants that are integral to our tenant’s operations.

From a geographic standpoint, we have positioned our portfolio to benefit from companies relocating to more business-friendly locations. We have also strategically positioned our portfolio to benefit from the recently completed Panama Canal expansion. Shipping container growth at the U.S. East Coast ports has been outpacing growth on the West Coast ports for the past several years. Our portfolio is very well situated to continue to benefit from these ongoing trends.

With a 20-year total shareholder return of 1,248%, Monmouth ranks as the #17 performer of all REITs and as the #2 performing industrial REIT over this period (as of 12/31/2020). Our long-term shareholders have enjoyed one of the best dividend track records of any REIT. While the past few years have seen great achievements for our company, we are very confident that the best is yet to come.